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Date: Thu Dec 31 2009 - 18:55:25 CST

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    Have you thought of asking your question on LINGUIST list? You might have a better chance of reaching someone able to answer your question there.

    On 2009-12-28, at 5:28 AM, Michael Everson wrote:

    > In Sinological notation, U+0329 COMBINING VERTICAL LINE BELOW seems to be used for syllabicity, as it is in IPA; either [ɹ] or [z] can be marked with it [ɹ̩] or [z̩] to show what is written in Pinyin as "er". I have here a notation for A-Hmao, however which contrasts this with U+0348 COMBINING DOUBLE VERTICAL LINE BELOW [ɹ͈] or [z͈], which as I recall was added for support of Disturbed Speech (IPA "strong articulation").
    > Does the latter have a different meaning in Sinological notation?

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