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Date: Wed Jan 06 2010 - 19:03:00 CST

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    On 2010-01-01 11:04, Ed Trager wrote:
    > However, what if a syllable like "치" appears in the middle of a word?
    > How does one type the HANGUL FILLER (or some other "separator"
    > character if HANGUL FILLER is not what is used) to tell the IM engine
    > that I'm done with that syllable?

    I'm not sure your original question was answered. I talked to a Korean
    colleague; she used as an example kimchika, which is an inflected form,
    and she showed me the keyboard input, which, transliterated back to
    latin, would be:

    kim ch
    kim chi
    kim chik
    kim chi ka

    The syllable "chik" briefly appears, but as soon as she typed the jamo
    for "a", the "k" was pulled away from "chik", making it "chi", and added
    to "ka". Since no syllable can start with a vowel jamo (if the first
    sound is a vowel, the first jamo is "ã…‡"), the entered vowel will always
    steal the last consonant from the previous syllable.

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