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Date: Fri Jan 15 2010 - 07:47:16 CST

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    On Friday 15 January 2010, Chris Fynn <> wrote:

    > Is this sort of thing and threads on
    > things like 7-sided dice remotely on-topic on this list?
    > - Chris

    In relation to localizable sentences, I feel that the answer is yes.

    The includes the following.

    Discussion list for Unicode and general internationalization issues.

    About 750 members world-wide, discuss such subjects as: implementing the Unicode Standard, discussion of new proposals, etc.

    ... and cultural phenomena.

    So the localizable sentences are, I feel, on-topic for this list.

    In relation to the 7-sided dice, please consider how the matter arose.

    There was a post about using Unicode with JavaScript, referring to the Unicode characters for die faces in six contiguous code space positions.

    Nearby in the code charts is seven contiguous code space positions used for indicating various types of recyclable plastic.

    So, using JavaScript to select one of seven is a natural extension to the original post.

    Now, since I am posting anyway, maybe I may mention something.

    I did think of posting, but did not do so so as not to go too far off-topic, a note in the seven-sided die thread that, although I had not known of Quadratic Reciprocity until I read about it in the thread: would it solve the implied challenge to suggest that a seven-sided die, with faces numbered 0 through to 6 and on each face the word true or the word false added, as appropriate for Quadratic Reciprocity, could be manufactured?

    William Overington

    15 January 2010

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