[Unicode Announcement] Print-on-Demand Survey for Unicode 6.0

From: announcements@unicode.org
Date: Tue Feb 16 2010 - 13:47:36 CST

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    The Unicode Standard 5.2 is now online only and can be printed freely.
    For the next edition of the standard, Unicode 6.0, the editorial
    committee would like to find out whether people are interested in the
    ability to obtain bound copies of the standard in the form of
    individually available volumes covering different selections of the
    text and code charts. (Unlike in the past, Unicode 6.0 will not be
    published as a single volume by an outside publisher.)

    If there is sufficient interest, the text and code charts could be
    delivered using Print-on-Demand technology. To prepare for that
    option, the editorial committee would need to do some restructuring.
    In either case, users would be able to print any part of the online
    files free of charge; the print-on-demand option would simply offer a
    convenient way to purchase bound copies of some or all sections of the

    We have created a very brief survey that gives some options and
    estimates costs for a print-on-demand version of Unicode 6.0. We would
    appreciate your feedback. There is also space on the form for
    comments. Feel free to forward this link to others who are not on the
    Unicode mailing lists, but who might be interested. The survey will
    close on February 24.

    The survey can be found here: http://www.unicode.org/pod-survey

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