Re: Tifinagh - extension for complete common Berber alphabet isomorphic with Latin

Date: Wed Feb 17 2010 - 07:05:28 CST

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    Thanks again for the information.
    I've fished an example off the bookshelf - some Tuareg poetry from Niger,
    and scanned part of a poem. The two missing letters are circled in red.
    There is a long vowel 'e' and a long vowel 'o', both with and without
    stress/lengthening diacritic. I have more similar books. There's a newspaper
    too, but Agadez has unfortunately been a little too hairy for me to
    go and get a copy.
    Here's the link again for my general suggestion for Tuareg/Berber writing:

    It contains a lot of context and relates the Tifinagh letter usage to
    Latin usage (at the moment it's perfectly possible to write modern vowelled
    Tuareg in Latin script in Unicode, but not in Tifinagh).
    The general idea is to extend the existing Tifinagh IRCAM letter repertoire
    by 2 letters to cover vowelled Tuareg, and treat regional repertoires
    as fonts of this common alphabet.

    With the feedback from this list I'll cast the suggestion into a short
    preliminary proposal in standard form (but for first discussion I think
    the background information is important).


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