Re: Tifinagh - extension for complete common Berber alphabet isomorphic with Latin

Date: Wed Feb 17 2010 - 09:57:25 CST

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    The 'how' is also important:
    The text I provided can be represented in Unicode with the addition of
    just these 2 letters only if it reuses the existing Unicode Tifinagh
    letters by using the font to give them the Niger regional forms.

    Otherwise 2 further consonant letters and two more vowels would be needed,
    along with the (ab)use of existing letters to represent different consonants
    from the ones they represent in other Tuareg variants and Northern Berber.

    What I'm suggesting is a way to represent all Tifinagh usage (including
    classical Tuareg) across the Berber zone, that reuses existing Unicode
    work with minimal extension, that enables the sharing of tools such
    as fonts and keyboard drivers between language variants that use Tifinagh,
    and that allows for regional and cosmetic variation in letter forms
    such as leaning 'L' and 'N' versus joining the lines. You can see some
    examples of leaned L's in the text.

    To demonstrate the approach, I have created rough fonts with an Algerian
    (Berber Academy-like) repertoire as a specific example for Northern
    Berber, with a Windows keyboard driver for easy typing:

    There is also a font for the Tuareg of Niger (APT form). The two missing
    vowels can be typed either by awkward keypresses to get them from the
    private use area, or by typing a Tifinagh 'i' with dot below for 'e'
    or 'u' with dot below for 'o' as my suggested temporary alternative.

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