Greek chars encoded twice -- why?

From: Arno Schmitt (
Date: Thu Feb 18 2010 - 01:09:22 CST

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    On 17.02.2010 17:24 Robert Abel wrote:
    > Unicode encodes scripts, yet you propose to encode *sounds*
    > that would then be, depending on font, mapped to *different* characters,

    This made me wonder why
    U+0386 is encoded as U+1FBB as well
    ... (seven capital vowel letters)
    U+038F is encoded as U+1FFB,

    U+0390 as U+1FD3 as well,
    U+03CC as U+1F79 as well

    Sorry, I know this is Bnicode prehistory.
    But please give me a short answer or direct
    me to an old document/discussion/FAQ


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