Re: [unicode] Problems with Windows 7 Unicode Font Rendering

Date: Sun Feb 28 2010 - 18:44:05 CST

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    On Sun, 28 Feb 2010 23:57:48 +0530
    Vinodh Rajan <> wrote:

    >I have a peculiar issue with Windows 7 Unicode Font Rendering.
    >Windows 7 seems to support the display only one script block of a
    >Multi-Lingual Font (Such as Arial Unicode MS, Code2000) at a time. The
    >other script blocks in the same font are not rendered properly at all.

    The trouble you had is something like following?
    * if I write Devanagari-only text, the result is ok.
    * if I write Tamil-only text, the result is ok.
    * if I write a text including both of Devanagari & Tamil, the result is not ok.

    >But the fonts have full support for all the blocks.

    In your screenshot, MS Word & Notepad.exe are compared.
    I'm not sure if the screenshot shows the trouble you
    described. It seems that the left-side vowel signs are
    not displayed correctly in Notepad.exe. What is wrong
    in MS Word? Sorry my ignorance on Indic script.


    >Is it an issue with the latest Uniscribe Engine ?
    >My Uniscribe Version is 1.626.7600
    >With Regards,
    >Vinodh Rajan

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