Re: Policy on character name aliases?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Mar 09 2010 - 19:17:50 CST

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    Karl Williamson asked:

    > It appears that there is a high bar to getting an alias made for a
    > character name. Why is that?

    Why do you think that is the case?

    Do you have a particular alias in mind for a particular

    If so, one of the barriers to getting specific things done
    is spending too much time worrying about and talking about
    general principles, instead of making the case for a
    specific change.

    But yes, it is generally difficult to get things changed
    in the standard, because it is maintained by committees
    (plural), and changes to the standard have to be presented
    to and reach consensus in committees, before they are

    > It's very clear that the original name
    > must be immutable, but why not add an alias when it's shown that the
    > original was an unfortunate choice?

    When *what* name was shown by *whom* in *what* documentation
    to be "unfortunate"?

    And in any case, one person's "unfortunate" might still be
    somebody else's "appropriate". It isn't possible to know
    without talking about specific cases.

    Further, you need to understand that the maintaining committees
    treat the character names as identifiers, primarily. As
    long as the identification of the character is clear,
    it may not matter that the official name is awkward or
    not optimal in some other way. Neither is the Unicode
    Standard intended as an encyclopedia of character names,
    so there isn't really any obligation to go sticking in
    aliases for characters unless they serve some particular
    purpose related to the standard or its presentation.


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