property, character, and sequence name loose matching

From: karl williamson (
Date: Tue Mar 09 2010 - 18:10:35 CST

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    The loose matching rules in TR18 say to ignore white space, underscores,
    and hyphens. That means that someone could insert white space into the
    middle of what is supposed to be a single word, like
    \p{s c r i p t: greek}. Same for character names.

    Someone has pointed out to me that UAX34 says this: "Like character
    names, names for sequences are unique if they are different even when
    SPACE and medial HYPHEN-MINUS characters are ignored". The term
    "medial" isn't in TR18. That same someone pointed out that if you can
    have spaces between characters in a word, that means the concept of
    "medial" is meaningless.

    Please explain what was meant.

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