Re: property, character, and sequence name loose matching

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Mar 17 2010 - 12:49:40 CST

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    Karl Williamson noted:

    > I haven't had time to mull this over, but below is a cut and paste of
    > the salient portion of Section 2.5 of TR18

    Ah, you're right... I missed that piece of text.

    As it stands now, I don't think this piece of text is formally
    incorrect. Note, it doesn't use the term "medial hyphens",
    and it calls out the existing exceptions explicitly.

    But I agree that the text could be improved by making a clearer
    definition of loose matching for names here -- perhaps by
    reference to UAX44-LM2. That would better account for the
    possibility of any possible additional hyphen issues in
    future character names.


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