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From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Sat Mar 20 2010 - 03:20:25 CST

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    Den 2010-03-20 09.25, skrev "Jukka K. Korpela" <>:

    > Benjamin Rossen wrote:
    >> A small number of characters are included in the UNICODE standard as
    >> superscripted and subscripted characters, most of them in the 2070 -
    >> 209F block.
    > Not that small... if you define these concepts as referring to characters
    > with <super> or <sub> in their compatibility decomposition, respectively,
    > there are currently 142 superscripted and 30 subscripted characters. (Oddly,

    Most of the single-letter based ones have general category Lm, except
    for the following which exceptionally have Ll as their general category

    <super> 0061; 00AA; FEMININE ORDINAL INDICATOR; Ll; 0; L;;;; N;;;;;
    <super> 006F; 00BA; MASCULINE ORDINAL INDICATOR; Ll; 0; L;;;; N;;;;;

    <sub> 0069; 1D62; LATIN SUBSCRIPT SMALL LETTER I; Ll; 0; L;;;; N;;;;;
    <sub> 006A; 2C7C; LATIN SUBSCRIPT SMALL LETTER J; Ll; 0; L;;;; N;;;;;
    <sub> 0072; 1D63; LATIN SUBSCRIPT SMALL LETTER R; Ll; 0; L;;;; N;;;;;
    <sub> 0075; 1D64; LATIN SUBSCRIPT SMALL LETTER U; Ll; 0; L;;;; N;;;;;
    <sub> 0076; 1D65; LATIN SUBSCRIPT SMALL LETTER V; Ll; 0; L;;;; N;;;;;

    <sub> 03B2; 1D66; GREEK SUBSCRIPT SMALL LETTER BETA; Ll; 0; L;;;; N;;;;;
    <sub> 03B3; 1D67; GREEK SUBSCRIPT SMALL LETTER GAMMA; Ll; 0; L;;;; N;;;;;
    <sub> 03C1; 1D68; GREEK SUBSCRIPT SMALL LETTER RHO; Ll; 0; L;;;; N;;;;;
    <sub> 03C6; 1D69; GREEK SUBSCRIPT SMALL LETTER PHI; Ll; 0; L;;;; N;;;;;
    <sub> 03C7; 1D6A; GREEK SUBSCRIPT SMALL LETTER CHI; Ll; 0; L;;;; N;;;;;

    It is not clear (to me) why these are Ll rather than Lm...

        /kent k

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