Re: canIPA worth being encoded?

From: Karl Pentzlin (
Date: Mon Mar 22 2010 - 03:39:15 CST

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    Am Montag, 22. März 2010 um 09:39 schrieb Andreas Stötzner:

    AS> What would he count Theutonista for? ;-)

    Teuthonista [sic] is a phonetic notation which is in use since more
    than 80 years by German, Swiss, and Austrian dialectologists.
    While it is not standardized formally, there is a well established set
    of characters used for it.

    "canIPA" however, before being encoded, needs to be proven to be a
    considerably stable system used by at least some people not directly
    connected to its inventors.

    - Karl Pentzlin

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