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Date: Tue Mar 30 2010 - 03:49:48 CST

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    Le lundi 29 mars 2010 à 22:11 -0700, Jonathan Coxhead a écrit :
    > Compare with a French typewriter with dead keys for accents, where
    > you would type the acute accent first (with no carriage advance), then
    > the base letter (eg, "e" to type "café").

    Just a small correction on French typewriters: your description is true
    for the diaresis (aïe, typed a+¨+i+e) and the "accent circonflexe" (fête
    typed f+^+e+t+e), but not for the accute accent, which is "precomposed"
    on french keyboard, bellow the 2 key. Café is therefore typed c+a+f+é .

    > In the character stream that's generated, the sequence must still be
    > "latin small letter e" then "combining acute accent" (or its canonical
    > equivalent), even though you typed them in the other order.This is the
    > business of the keyboard driver.


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