Re: Optometry symbols proposal

From: Andrew West (
Date: Thu Apr 01 2010 - 10:58:26 CST

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    On 1 April 2010 17:10, Kent Karlsson <> wrote:
    >> 4 "Illiterate E" symbols ( with
    >> limbs pointing in 4 directions.
    > Well, three of the latter would suffice... (E is already encoded.)

    Two would suffice as U+018E LATIN CAPITAL LETTER REVERSED E is already encoded.

    Actually, I noticed the other day that the OED uses an horizontal E
    facing upwards, represented by the entity #horizE# (see
    <>). However, it
    transpires that the only usage of this entity in the dictionary is in
    the entry for the word "letter" where it is used to represent the
    Chinese character 山 in a quote from Joyce !

    1927 JOYCE Let. 2 Mar. (1957) I. 250 A Chinese student sent me some
    *letterwords I had asked for. The last one is #horizE#. It means
    ‘mountain' and is called ‘Chin'.


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