A Primitive Radical Index

From: jandersen@talentex.co.uk
Date: Tue Apr 20 2010 - 04:32:31 CDT

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    I have taken some of the publicly available data from the Unihan
    database, formatted it, manhandled it and freeze-dried it to obtain a
    set of static html-files that together constitute a radical index into
    the complete set of unicode for Chinese characters.

    If anybody wants to use it, this is how:

    1. Download it with ftp from talentex.co.uk (log on as user "ftp", no
    password) - the file is called radframes.tar.gz

    2. Unpack it - it creates a subdirectory called radframes as well as
    some 214 subdirectories under it with a lot of small html files.

    3. Point your browser to the file called radframes.html

    You will need a good Chinese font (Unicode); one of the things you
    will notice is that there seems to be a lot of characters missing - at
    least that is what I see. This is because most (perhaps all?) fonts
    are incomplete. Hopefully this can inspire people to fill in the
    missing characters.


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