Re: [indic] Halant - can it be called a "Linguistic Zero" (Panini)?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Apr 28 2010 - 15:06:16 CDT

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    > 'adarshanam lopah' (P. 1.1.60) - disappearance of a sound or morpheme.
    > lopa = elision, deletion, cutting off etc.,
    > The halant mark (e.g. puLLi in Tamil attested in First century CE in
    > Satavahana coinage)
    > does the function of linguistic zeroing, i.e., deleting /a/ in an aksharam.

    I cannot testify to the meaning of "lopa" itself or its
    usage in the Indian linguistic tradition.

    But "elision" or "deletion" are not what is generally
    meant by linguists in the American or European
    traditions when they talk about "linguistic zeroes".


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