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From: Uriah Eisenstein (
Date: Fri May 14 2010 - 11:54:33 CDT

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    Thanks again. I wonder if there is any precedent of adding character parts
    or fragments into Unicode which weren't defined in an existing standard...
    As for IDSs, I supposed the IRG may have IDSs for characters already encoded
    (in order to quick-check whether new proposed characters could be identical
    to existing ones), but I haven't found such when searching through their
    site either.


    2010/5/10 John H. Jenkins <>

    > 在 May 10, 2010 6:32 AM 時, Uriah Eisenstein 寫到:
    > > Thank you for the detailed answer, Mr. Freytag, I will consider then
    > submitting at least an initial proposal (will probably take a few weeks).
    > I'll try to contact participants in some projects which make use of
    > character decompositions; although, I need to think if such character
    > fragments would be useful in themselves for exchange of information, rather
    > than functioning as convenient building components for other characters.
    > > Is there anywhere I could find the justifications for adding the CJK
    > Radical Supplement characters, or were these incorporated into Unicode as
    > part of previously-existing standards?
    > The original motivation was round-trip compatibility with CNS 11643-1992,
    > which includes all but two of the KangXi radicals. The additional two were
    > added to round out the set, and the CJK Radicals were then added largely to
    > facilitate using these characters to print radical-stroke indices.
    > > Also, are the IDSs used internally by the IRG available anywhere public?
    > I know these are not an official part of the Unicode standard, but they
    > would make a nice use case :)
    > >
    > Well, first of all, the IRG has only recently started using IDSs. None
    > were required for submissions prior to what is now Extension E, and so none
    > are available anywhere for anything earlier.
    > The original submissions for the various extensions are IRG documents and
    > are likely available on the IRG's Web site,
    > although none of them popped up when I did a cursory search just now.
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    > John H. Jenkins

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