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Date: Mon May 10 2010 - 12:18:55 CDT

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    > Thank you for the detailed answer, Mr. Freytag, I will consider then submitting at least an initial proposal (will probably take a few weeks). I'll try to contact participants in some projects which make use of character decompositions; although, I need to think if such character fragments would be useful in themselves for exchange of information, rather than functioning as convenient building components for other characters.
    > Is there anywhere I could find the justifications for adding the CJK Radical Supplement characters, or were these incorporated into Unicode as part of previously-existing standards?

    The original motivation was round-trip compatibility with CNS 11643-1992, which includes all but two of the KangXi radicals. The additional two were added to round out the set, and the CJK Radicals were then added largely to facilitate using these characters to print radical-stroke indices.

    > Also, are the IDSs used internally by the IRG available anywhere public? I know these are not an official part of the Unicode standard, but they would make a nice use case :)

    Well, first of all, the IRG has only recently started using IDSs. None were required for submissions prior to what is now Extension E, and so none are available anywhere for anything earlier.

    The original submissions for the various extensions are IRG documents and are likely available on the IRG's Web site,, although none of them popped up when I did a cursory search just now.

    John H. Jenkins

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