Re: Draft Proposal to encode the English Phonotypic Alphabet

From: Jonathan Coxhead (
Date: Mon Jul 05 2010 - 14:55:07 CDT

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        Just curious ... Is there a free font anywhere that contains these
    characters? Either in the PUA of a Unicode font or encoded somehow in an
    8-bit font?


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    On 2010-06-30 9:26 am, Mark Davis ☕ wrote:
    > A couple of very quick comments.
    > > A special phenomenon of EPA is that the combination of upper and
    > lower case letters is peculiar in EPA, and changes between the
    > different EPA stages.
    > The committee decided that any further special casing should be
    > handled in CLDR, you'd want a proposal to that group. For that to be
    > done, you'd need first to propose a BCP47 variant to indicate EPA
    > English. This would all be done well after the encoding were accepted.
    > > Thus, the preferred solution for these characters is to use
    > variation sequences here.
    > I don't think there is much need for this. Because the corpus is so
    > small, users are likely to need special fonts anyway, and the forms
    > are close enough in other fonts for legibility among users of EPA.
    > > However, they are proposed as symbols (gc=So), not as digits (gc=Nl
    > or gc=No), to prevent the impression that Unicode promotes any
    > non-decimal number system, or that it standardizes the digits for any
    > such system.
    > They are perforce not Nd, because that is reserved for decimal.
    > However, if the primary use is numbers, they should be No. (It isn't a
    > matter of 'promotion'.)
    > Mark
    > — Il meglio è l’inimico del bene —
    > On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 06:23, Karl Pentzlin <
    > <>> wrote:
    > I have compiled a draft proposal to encode the English Phonotypic
    > Alphabet (an extension of the Latin alphabet propagated from 1847 to
    > at least 1888, to give English a "phonetic" spelling).
    > The draft can be downloaded at:
    > (4.1 MB).
    > The final proposal is intended to be submitted for the next UTC in
    > August.
    > Any comments are welcome.
    > Especially, I like to know whether the way the "special casing" is
    > handled is considered acceptable.
    > - Karl Pentzlin

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