Re: 001B, 001D, 001C

From: Michael S. Kaplan (
Date: Thu Jul 08 2010 - 08:06:27 CDT

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    Yep, see my blog post, it was talking about those very keys. :-)

    MSKLC 1.3 stripped them, which was breaking some apps like HyperTerminal.
    So, with blessing from test we snuck in the feature to not break them.


    > Thanks for your replies.
    > I'm developing a keyboard layout based on US (Custom) which has 001B,
    > 001D, 001C, 0020 defined for the Ctrl shift state. I don’t know should I
    > leave them or not. The MKLC help recommends to avoid defining characters
    > for both the Ctrl and Ctrl+Shift shift states, but also says: “You may
    > notice specific keys in the Ctrl shift state are assigned when you load an
    > existing keyboard layout. These key assignments are used in certain legacy
    > applications like Microsoft HyperTerminal and should usually not be
    > removed.”

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