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From: Arno Schmitt (
Date: Sat Jul 17 2010 - 02:49:40 CDT

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    Khaled Hosny wrote on Friday, July 16, 2010, 4:09:39:

    KH> In Arabic, all marks are either above or bellow their seat, the
    KH> horizontal position bears no significance and it is a matter of personal
    KH> preference or calligraphic custom.

    KH> Tanwin is not different here, when it is positioned before the Alef, it
    KH> is because it seat is the letter before the Alef not the Alef itself
    KH> (which is the case in most handwriting or calligraphy), calligraphers,
    KH> however tend to make it as high as the Alef and close to it, but as I
    KH> said it is a mere calligraphic custom for purely artistic reasons.

    KH> In typeset texts, some people place the Tanwin marks above the Alef,
    KH> whether this is correct or not is debatable, but it is the most popular
    KH> practice in in modern typeset texts, which even crept to some people's
    KH> handwriting.

    It dependents whether you want to be prescriptive or descriptive.

    fathatan belongs to the consonant ( = the consonant is spoken
    with "an" not the alif, the alif is just a fall-back pronunciation
    in pausa).
    If you would try to get a printed qur'ân with fathatans on the alifs
    through a committee checking the correctness of the print, you
    would not get the nihil obstat.
    It's an other matter to note that some people do confuse the
    typewriter solution with the norm, and to follow this practice.
    Yes, it is common, but it is definitely wrong.
    But as you have noted before: MS, Apple & Co. should us allow
    to deliberately make mistakes.

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