Re: Indian Rupee Sign (U+20B9) proposal

From: Luke-Jr (
Date: Sun Jul 18 2010 - 16:03:38 CDT

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    On Sunday, July 18, 2010 02:33:26 pm Doug Ewell wrote:
    > "N. Ganesan" <naa dot ganesan at gmail dot com> wrote:
    > > Already, fonts with Rupee symbol in MS Word
    > > are released, and becoming popular:
    > >
    > This is a bad decision. Font designers need to cool their heels and
    > wait until the symbol and code point are approved.

    Unicode requires use before approving new symbols, so "bad decision" or not,
    Unicode forces it. I haven't got around to making a font with the Tonal digits
    yet, but what other choice do I have to ever get them added to Unicode? Use
    paper for everything?

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