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    > How do I actually submit things for CSUR?

    First, before you do, keep in mind these important points which are
    often missed by people who ask about CSUR (the ConScript Unicode

    (1) CSUR is not a part of the Unicode Standard or ISO/IEC 10646. It is
    not run by the Unicode Consortium, the Unicode Technical Committee, or
    ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2, nor by any of its members in any official
    Unicode/10646 capacity.

    (2) Getting a proposal posted at the CSUR site, or even getting it
    registered, is not equivalent to getting your characters encoded in
    Unicode, even in a preliminary or provisional sense, and should not be
    portrayed as such.

    (3) Establishing any sort of Private Use Area encoding is not an
    automatic stepping-stone or "fast path" to formal encoding. Encoding
    characters in the PUA can help to demonstrate popular demand for the
    characters, and can help to identify potential issues with processing or
    rendering the characters and their solutions. These factors are
    discussed and decided individually for each character or set of
    characters, regardless of whether a PUA implementation exists.
    Characters do not "graduate," nor are they "promoted," from CSUR into

    If you wish to prepare a submission, read the introductory text at:

    and the naming guidelines at:

    Study, and try to follow the format and level of detail of, the Tengwar
    proposal at:

    Provide a graphical code chart in some popular format, such as GIF.
    Don't make your proposal rely on links to Wikipedia or to your personal
    Web site in order for readers to see the glyphs.

    Send the proposal to the current CSUR curator, Michael Everson, at
    <everson at evertype dot com>. Be aware that this is a very
    low-priority, volunteer project, and Michael reserves the exclusive
    right to register your proposal, to decline to register it, or even to
    decline to post it on the CSUR site as "submitted."

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