RE: Indian Rupee Sign (U+20B9) proposal

Date: Mon Jul 19 2010 - 02:37:56 CDT

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    From: Erkki I Kolehmainen (
    > The next UTC meeting will be on Aug 9-13, 2010 (in Redmond, WA, USA) and the
    > next ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 meeting will be on Oct 4-8, 2010 in Busan, Korea.
    > Initial decisions can be made at these meetings. These decisions, however,
    > can be made to stick (in practice, although not necessarily in principle.
    > The kind of process that Jony proposes could not be implemented following
    > the ISO rules that WG2 must follow.
    > Incidentally, I would have preferred to have the two proposals (in both WG2
    > N3862 and L2/10-249) separated.


    > Sincerely, Erkki
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    > Aihe: RE: Indian Rupee Sign (U+20B9) proposal
    > I think that this day and age, and in view of the importance and urgency of
    > the issue as pointed out by several, there is no reason why both Unicode and
    > ISO could not nor should not conduct an e-mail vote on Michael's proposal
    > and be done with it.
    > Jony

    Is there any way to release 6.0.5, with only the new Rupee sign, right after Pusan? That would significantly reduce the proliferation of any ad hoc solutions, and give a concrete timeline to those chomping at the bit. Can the Euro encoding process be reproduced?


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