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From: Luke-Jr (
Date: Sat Jul 24 2010 - 18:03:26 CDT

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    I would appreciate any constructive input on this future proposal (for CSUR,
    not Unicode). Doug, do you mind if Tonal is positioned after your Ewellic
    script (maybe you plan to extend it?) from U+E6D0 to U+E6FF?

    Specific questions I have:
    - Am I using COMBINING correctly? Is it sufficient for fonts to render units
    - Do I have enough background on the Tonal system itself? It doesn't seem the
    right place to give all the specific details on how it works, but maybe more
    would be useful?
    - Is my usage of HTML <sup> for unit examples appropriate, despite it not
    rendering *just* right (at least not in my viewer)?
    - Should TONAL DIGIT NINE be renamed to TONAL HEXADECIMAL DIGIT NINE since it
    is invalid in a decimal context?
    - Should I define TONAL HEXADECIMAL DIGIT TEN, even though it looks like
    Unicode DIGIT NINE (U+0039)?
    - Should I put "(This position shall not be used)" in reserved positions, or
    does this mean it shall not be used *ever*?
    - Is it proper to give glyph examples to TONAL COMBINING UNIT
    DIVISION/MULTIPLICATION for tran, song, and tam, which Nystrom never explained
    how specifically they should be written (following his general directions,
    they would overlap with the division/multiplications for ton and san)?




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