Re: Pashto yeh characters

From: Arno Schmitt (
Date: Wed Jul 28 2010 - 11:34:38 CDT

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    > On Tue, 27 Jul 2010, Khaled Hosny wrote:
    >>> According to "Grammatik des klassischen Arabisch" by Wolfdietrich Fischer,
    >>> page 9, the "ya" is written two dots in such cases, too.
    >> Except that this is not a Yaa and not pronounced like a Yaa, it is an
    >> Alef (note the small dagger Alef above it).

    > That is exactly what I meant and exactly what is written in W. Fischer.

    > My point is that there are two dots below.

    Dear Mr. Prilop,

    your point is that this form of alef has two dots below ???
    I didn't get it.

    Allow me a general remark:
    Yes, sometimes an outside view catches something -- e.g. some
    more theoretical aspect,
    most of the time; a native writer knows his/her language
    better than you.

    Alif maqsura and Egyptian/Persian/Quranic ya' look
    the same in final and isol position, but the underlying
    letters are not the same.
    Although Unicode -- when it comes to the Arabic script --
    pays much attention to the shape of the letter it does
    not ignore the logical structure, and in the case under
    discussion we have two different letters in Arabic, and
    in Unicode two different chars representing them.

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