Re: UTS#10 (collation) : French backwards level 2, and word-breakers.

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Jul 30 2010 - 10:36:01 CDT

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    Frédéric Grosshans asked:

    > Why did you chose the "fleur" words ? The question discussed about the
    > accent do not seem to arise here.

    I was struck by the issues about space, hyphen (or lack thereof)
    and alternate spellings that could be illustrated by that
    stretch of topics, so used that as the example. That range also
    exhibited some of the concerns about parenthetical annotation

    The points I wanted to make weren't really focussed all that
    much on the French reverse accent weighting per se. Indeed, there
    is a fair amount of evidence that the whole issue of French
    reverse accent weighting is somewhat of an artificial one
    anyway, as the treatment may vary from dictionary to dictionary
    and is basically irrelevant for most ordering of lists, anyway.
    I suspect that many French users would be utterly unable to
    tell a "correct" ordering of all the modèle, modelé words
    from an "incorrect" one, or would frankly much care in practice,
    as long as they could find what they were looking for in the list.


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