Re: Most complete (free) Chinese font?

From: Leonardo Boiko (
Date: Sun Aug 01 2010 - 06:03:23 CDT

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    Oh, it _is_ totally blocky, and will look terrible if scaled to
    anything other than its natural 16-pixel size. My point is, this is
    how it’s supposed to be, cause it’s a bitmapped, monospace terminal
    font. Like Terminus or xorg’s “fixed”; you use it for computer code,
    not books. And it’s the only font I know with U+2E19 PALM BRANCH ⸙ ;)

    I hope the other fonts mentioned were useful. From a quick search in
    my debian system I found, other than WQY, only the Arphic family of
    fonts, with AR PL Ukai (kǎitǐ) and AR PL UMing (míngtǐ) being their
    Unicode representatives. I’m kind of surprised at how few free
    Chinese fonts there seems to be; probably you’ll have to scavenge the
    native web for more, as I had to do for Japanese.

    On Sun, Aug 1, 2010 at 04:05,
    <> wrote:
    > I didn't mean it unkindly, though :-) It's just that it looks rather blocky.
    > Also I think the developers themselves declare it to be "ugly, but
    > complete", if I remember correctly.
    > /jan
    > Leonardo Boiko wrote:
    >> Unifont is not ugly for its intended purpose: a bitmapped, fixed-width
    >> 16-pixel font.  It’s great for terminals or Emacs IMHO, as long as
    >> your monitor resolution isn’t too high…
    >> I don’t know Chinese so I can’t vouch for coverage, but Wen Quan Yi
    >> seems to be the most popular open-source Chinese font (the hànzì in
    >> Unifont are actually based on it, IIRC).  The website is
    >> , but it’s pre-packaged for all major
    >> distros.

    Leonardo Boiko

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