Free font with medievalist characters (was Re: Most complete (free) Chinese font?)

From: Frdric Grosshans (
Date: Mon Aug 02 2010 - 10:00:42 CDT

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    Le dimanche 01 août 2010 à 08:03 -0300, Leonardo Boiko a écrit :
    > Oh, it _is_ totally blocky, and will look terrible if scaled to
    > anything other than its natural 16-pixel size. My point is, this is
    > how it’s supposed to be, cause it’s a bitmapped, monospace terminal
    > font. Like Terminus or xorg’s “fixed”; you use it for computer code,
    > not books. And it’s the only font I know with U+2E19 PALM BRANCH
    > ⸙ ;)

    Junicode ( ) contains it, and its
    free (GPL licensed). This character comes from MUFI, so it's not
    surprising that Junicode has it.

    Andron (mensioned before) and Palenomas MUFI also should have it, and
    thei're free of charge (but not free for Debian). They should not pose
    administrative problems for you...


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