How to encode reversed section sign?

From: Janusz S. Bie˝ (
Date: Fri Aug 06 2010 - 02:16:55 CDT

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    An important 19th century dictionary of Polish uses two kinds of
    section sign, illustrated in the attachment, there is over 5000
    occurrences of the characters. Dirty OCR interpreted both of them as
    the letter g, so you can see most of them visiting

    switching on graphical concordances and using the query

       g "\." within body

    Are you familiar with the reversed section sign? It is highly
    improbable that the character has been designed especially for the
    dictionary, but I am not aware of any other use of it.

    Does it deserve to be included in the standard, directly or through a
    variant selector?

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    reversed section sign
    section sign

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