Deprecated characters in Unicode 5.1 vs Unicode 5.2

From: Hyungrok Kim (
Date: Mon Aug 16 2010 - 21:03:56 CDT

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    The characters U+0340, U+0341, and U+17D3 are deprecated in Unicode 5.1.
    In Unicode 5.2, however, they are no longer marked deprecated per
    PropList.txt (even though they are still "discouraged" in the code
         A. is this intentional?
         B. if so, what was the rationale? (references to UTC meetings/JTC1
            docs would be helpful)
         C. shouldn't there be a Stability Policy w.r.t. deprecation? (i.e.,
            a character mayn't be resurrected from deprecation)

    I did google for the change, but couldn't unearth anything. Also the
    Stability Policy doesn't cover deprecation to the best of my knowledge.

    Finally, the beta 6.0 deprecated characters are a superset of 5.2's
    deprecated characters (but not 5.1's). So if there is a problem, both
    5.2 and 6.0 need corrections.

    Thanks for your time.

    Hyungrok Kim

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