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From: Janusz S. Bieñ (
Date: Sun Sep 19 2010 - 23:09:39 CDT

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    On Sat, 18 Sep 2010 André Szabolcs Szelp <> wrote:

    > 1. (*) text/plain ( ) text/html
    > Given the complete parallels heard here earlier, shouldn't it really be
    > Crimean Gothic?

    Rather not.


    On Fri, 06 Aug 2010 (Janusz S. Bieñ) wrote:


    > Exploring the dictionary with the search engine (which is operational
    > since today morning ...) I discovered two occurences of an unexplained
    > abbreviation which refers to a language in which "silvir" means
    > "silver" and "ses" means "six". The name of the language is
    > abbreviated as "Kimr."

    In the first edition of the dictionary "silvir" is tagged explicitely
    as "Krim. Tatar.", cf.,0.45&highlight=1553,1819,315,36

    In the very edition "ses" is tagged just with "Krim.", cf.,0.27&highlight=1738,2130,172,38

    but because of the first occurence the meaning of "Crimean Tatars"
    seems more probable than that of "Crimean Gothic".

    On the other hand, as we have now only one word and only two candidate
    languages to consider, a suitable dictionary may definitely solve the
    problem. Unfortunately I was unable to locate any with Google.

    Best regards


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    Prof. Janusz S. Bien - Warsaw University (Department of Formal Linguistics),,

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