Mail List Policy and Etiquette Reminder

From: Sarasvati (
Date: Tue Sep 21 2010 - 14:04:23 CDT

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    Hello everyone,

    This is your occasional friendly reminder about mail list policies and etiquette. Late yesterday evening, server time, there was a minor altercation on this mail list which included some unfortunate ad hominem remarks. They have been removed from the archive.

    Subscribers should try to be somewhat tolerant of other viewpoints, both here and in the universe at large. If you have nothing to add to a discussion but personal remarks, please refrain from writing to the list.

    You will all wish to now take a few moments to re-familiarize yourself with our mail list policies here:

    and then please look specifically at this paragraph on the Mail List page:

    I hope that in the future, all our interactions will be pleasant, technical, and on-topic.

    Regards from your,

            -- Sarasvati

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