Re: OpenType update for Unicode 5.2/6.0?

From: William_J_G Overington (
Date: Sat Oct 16 2010 - 02:58:15 CDT

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    Vinod Kumar <> wrote as follows.
    We have demonstrated that an ordered sequence of context sensitive glyph substitutions as implemented by the GSUB tables in Open Fonts are necessary and sufficient for shaping all the nine Indian scripts.
    end quote
    In view of this, I am wondering whether my eutofont font format presents a path for research in using fonts in mobile applications, though also in desktop applications as well.
    The main inventive feature of the eutofont font format in that a font can all be expressed using special for-the-purpose plain text characters. At present those characters are all encoded in the plane 0 Private Use Area. However, if the system can be made to work in practice and there is enthusiasm, then maybe a formal proposal to the Unicode Consortium and to ISO can be made for a permanent, non-proprietary, encoding to be instituted in plane 14 (or elsewhere, if that is thought better).
    The eutofont font format also has chromatic font capabilities.

    The eutofont font format as in the eutofont.PDF and eutof04a.PDF documents can be regarded as the basis for the start of on-going research. Additions can be made as necessary so as to obtain an improved font format.
    William Overington
    16 October 2010

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