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From: James Cloos (
Date: Tue Oct 26 2010 - 15:31:05 CDT

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    >>>>> "AU" == Arns Udovīčė <> writes:

    AU> I use in Linux composite keys for now but "ė̄" not renders as "ǡ"
    AU> (<composite>+<_>+<.>+<a>) and I have to use mouse to copy macron
    AU> and put on "ė" (or <composite>+<.>+<e>).

    I presume that you are using X11 and not Linux's text console. If so,
    please open a rfe bug at:

    requesting the addition of compose table support for the sequence "ė̄"
    and its majuscule. Please include some lines of justification (eg,
    the language it is for; info of that nature) in the report.

    Until then, you can add these two lines to your Compose file (probably
    /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose) to enable the specific
    compose sequences you mention above:

    <Multi_key> <underscore> <period> <e> : "ė̄"
    <Multi_key> <underscore> <period> <E> : "Ė̄"

    If you use Gnome (the defualt on, eg Ubuntu), you should note that Gnome
    does not use libX11's compose tabes; it has its own implementation. You
    should still open a report with use (Xorg), but also with Gnome at:

    (I don't know which bugzilla product it should be under at Gnome.Org.)

    AFAIU, qt uses libX11's compose support, so if you use KDE then the Xorg
    bug report is probably enough.


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