Re: Samogitian E with dot above and macron

From: James Cloos (
Date: Tue Oct 26 2010 - 15:40:53 CDT

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    >>>>> "DE" == Doug Ewell <> writes:

    DE> There are so many different versions and configurations of Windows, and
    DE> so many available fonts and applications, that it's practically
    DE> meaningless to say that any character does or does not display
    DE> adequately "on Windows." I suspect the same is true for Mac and Linux.

    It very much is.

    I checked a few fonts. W/in families such as DejaVu, Liberation or
    Droid and using pango for rendering, some of the faces get the NFD
    version correct but most fail with the NFC version (it seems the OTF
    attachment point for ė is the same as for e in most of the faces;
    that causes the macron and dot to overlap).

    I was able to test some CFF fonts; The NFC and NFD versions of all of
    the Adobe fonts I was able to test have different dots for ė vs ė and
    therefore for ė̄ and ė̄.

    The version of Arial Unicode I was able to test has the same bug as
    most of the libre fonts in that the macron and dot overlap when
    rendering the NFC sequence.

    Even fonts which generate readable renderings for both NFC and NFD put
    the macron at different height about the baseline for each.

    NFD in general is still very much hit or miss.


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