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From: JP Blankert (thuis & PC based) (
Date: Thu Nov 11 2010 - 15:55:42 CST

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    Dear all, unicoders,

    I am still a pupil on unicode, but I hold: expert on IDN. So if there is
    anything I can help you with....give a shout. Now, nov. 2010, is eactly
    1 year ago IDN started and Icann promised to come with a) an evaluation
    b) a policy document.

    Regarding the extensions: Icann planned, already quite some years, to
    give out more TLD's, Top Level Domains, but in practice it is maximally
    1 per year. Like .pro and .XXX (porn) this year. But most of them
    (.aero, .name, .travel, .jobs) pagerank 'like a tank in the ocean'. My
    TLD mates (who live on pushing thru new extension, .gay, .bud, .shop
    etc) are quited 'pissed off' that brands worldwide are maximally slowing
    down this process.

    On a national level, some countries are very conservatie and don't even
    allow reading signs in domainnames (Belgium, Netherlands), and some
    other countries create a jungle of second level domain (like Ukraine:
    .ua for Ukraine, for Odessa as well as Poland is an
    extreme country where lots of languages and scripts are allowed the
    ccTLD .pl.

    On .com and .net almost all scripts are allowed that are allowed
    somewhere in the world (I even have gi'iz on .com, 3 pages of gi'iz
    exist on the web), but, regarding the German ß: that is only allowed on
    .de (in a few weeks) but will NOT be allowed on .com and .net.

    I know very very little people interested in IDN, I 'lead' the largest
    of 2 IDN fora on linkedin (5 people haha), that is one of the reasons I
    joined you. 98% is interested in latin script only. The best domain name
    experts are (in my opinion) on the forum 'Top Level Domains' led by Jean
    Guillon. Fine and bright people there (only disadvantage: they have only
    moderest IDN interest).

    Talking about interests: before unicode, I tried whether I could
    interest linguistic people for IDN. 0,0. My impression is that we,
    unicoders, are all engineers that 'grew towards languages' is that right?

    If you knew all this tell me, than I shut op for a while and listen, in
    a month time hopefully show you the example of a ss domain+site vs. ß
    domain+site. If you want to know more about TLD / IDN, just ask. I find gives a pretty good overview of what is possible (though
    they do of course not tell what extensions and domainnames work better
    than others). 2011 nice event: India will come with (top of my head) 7
    languages in domainname.

    A TLD is usually applied for in latin script. Procedural costs excl.
    manpower appr. 180 k USD. But every next language, on the same TLD,
    costs 180 k USD as well. Quite a lot of people are pressing to have a
    next language at lower cost than the previous one.

    IDN + unicode is a very strong combination, in terms of know-how.



    n 11-11-2010 21:05, Mark Davis ☕ wrote:
    > For the /internationalized domain names /slides, I posted the version
    > with speaker notes (sorry for omitting them earlier). Click on
    > Actions>Speaker Notes at the bottom of the screen. Direct link:
    > Mark
    > /
    > /
    > On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 14:14, Mark Davis ☕ <
    > <>> wrote:
    > FYI. Posted slides from the conference on
    > (where I was presenting or
    > co-presenting). It has the Unicode > 50% slide on it also.
    > Mark
    > PS. Thanks again to the review committee - lot's of interesting
    > new presentations and useful discussions.
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