Re: Tag Characters (from Re: Fwd: RFC 6082 on Deprecating Unicode Language Tag Characters: RFC 2482 is Historic)

From: William_J_G Overington (
Date: Fri Nov 12 2010 - 04:02:47 CST

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    I remembered that I produced a font with visible glyphs for the tag characters.
    Some readers might like a copy of the font, free, from the following forum post.

    I have been trying the font out again and find that I can, with the font installed, use Microsoft Calculator in its View Scientific mode to convert the hexadecimal E0041 of U+E0041 into decimal 917569 and then use Alt 917569 in Microsoft WordPad with the font, which has the font name Tags and Emoji 001, selected to display a visible glyph for the tag character. I then found that I could copy from WordPad and paste into SC UniPad and that SC UniPad has a visible glyph that can be displayed for the tag character as well, as an optional choice, the default case being an invisible glyph. One can then convert within SC UniPad to display \U000e0041 for the character.
    William Overington
    12 November 2010

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