Re: Application that displays CJK text in Normalization Form D

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sat Nov 13 2010 - 19:47:14 CST

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    They are the same for me when viewed in Gmail (in any one of the modern
    browsers in their most current versions on Windows, I did not test on MacOS
    X or Linux).

    I suppose that Gmail renormalizes the texts to NFC before displaying them...

    I can't even detect a difference in the HTML source of the displayed
    message, all seems to be in NFC (could that originate from the web browser
    performing such normalization immediately on HTML text elements before
    entering them in the DOM and making them accessible from Javascript ?)

    I've stopped using local mail clients (like Outlook, Outlook Express,
    Windows Mail, and others since long now, because webmails are definitely
    more practical for me, from any PC or smart phone, and offer comfortable
    storage space for storing many years or emails, as long as you cleanup the
    undetected spams, as most spams fall in a specific box whose cleanup is
    automated), so I can't confirm that they will normalize the texts. This may
    not be the case however for attachments (if their MIME type is not "text/*",
    or if they are digitally signed).

    Plain text editors are not supposed to perform such normalizations, so all
    will depend on how they manage their own internal data storage. But yes,
    these editors should display them exactly the same (if not, this is an issue
    of how they use their text renderers), even if they are left in their
    initial normalization form (or in unnormalized forms).


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