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Date: Thu Nov 25 2010 - 14:18:36 CST

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    > Hello and thanks for all that info. However, the question stands, see below:
    > On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 10:03 AM, CE Whitehead wrote:
    >> "5. In implementing the IDN standards, top-level domain registries should, at least
    >> initially, limit any given domain label (such as a second-level domain name) to the
    >> characters associated with one language or set of languages only."
    > Apart from that "at least initially" stuff, which indicates that it
    > may change in the future, this really does not solve the problem or
    > answer the question. I'll forgo the examples i gave previously as they
    > involved mixed-script text.
    > Now even *without* mixing scripts, examples can be provided as అరగ.com
    > (all in Telugu) and ಅರಗ.com (all in Kannada). What is desired is that
    > if the Telugu version has been first registered *anywhere in the
    > world*, the Kannada version should be prohibited from being registered
    > *everywhere in the world*, or vice versa with the scripts.
    > Which leads me to note that *somehow*, Confusables.txt is missing a
    > full-fledged confusables mapping between Kannada and Telugu. Of the
    > construed example given above, it is obvious that RA and GA are almost
    > identical between the scripts but Confusables.txt does not list them
    > at all!
    > This is a serious lacuna, IMHO, which should be rectified.
    > Shriramana Sharma.
    I am in agreement -- absolutely (of course the person registering has the option of registering both domain names now at his/her expense -- but that's not quite fair perhaps); thanks for the data on Telugu and Kannada; perhaps we should all contact ICANN then & get look-alikes bundled:


    --C. E. Whitehead

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