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Date: Tue Dec 07 2010 - 05:53:49 CST

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    >2010/12/6 Andrey V. Lukyanov <>:
    > On Mon, 6 Dec 2010, QSJN 4 UKR wrote:
    >> There is writed in FAQ "Take the word "anglo-American" or the Italian
    >> word "vederLa". Once you uppercase, lowercase or titlecase these
    >> strings, you can't recover the original just by performing the reverse
    >> operation". Why so stupid?
    >> All we need for the reversibility of the case conversion operations is
    >> two control characters. The first (let it be {F}) indicates that
    >> letter should not be changed by ToUpper, ToLower, ToTitlecase
    >> functions. The second ({T}) indicates the letter for "titlecasing"
    >> except the first in line one. For exsample:
    >> the {T}man and the {T}planet {F}Earth
    >> The {T}Man and the {T}Planet {F}Earth
    >> So my question is Why we have bidi-algorithm and RLE, LRO, PDF etc.,
    >> have arabian shaping and ZWJ, ZWNJ etc., have casing and have NOTHING
    >> for control it, why?
    > The best idea is not to change the strings at all -- use display formatting
    > instead, e. g. with CSS you can write
    > text-transform: uppercase
    > text-transform: capitalize
    > text-transform: lowercase
    > text-transform: none
    > ==

    CSS can't work correctly. For example, word  "μm" (micrometer) should
    be in lowercase (not megameter!) even if it is a part of <span
    style=text-transform: uppercase>, so we need some kind of markup for
    the cases like this. I don't tell that my {F} {T} is the best way.
    Actually there is a bug: I didn't see that  titlecase may change to
    uppercase, that's ring "Dz"-"Dz"-"DZ" (other rings "dz"-"dz"-"DZ",
    normal; "dz"-"Dz"-"DZ", for first letter in word, my {T};
    "dz"-"dz"-"dz", fixed lovercase; "DZ"-"DZ"-"DZ", fixed uppercase and
    similar fixed titlecase.

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