CSUR Proposal: Tonal: U+E9D0 - U+E9EF

From: Luke-Jr (luke@dashjr.org)
Date: Tue Dec 21 2010 - 14:06:09 CST

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    After months now of usage, and a (small) community beginning adoption, I am
    making the first formal proposal of the Tonal glyphs for the ConScript Unicode
    Registry. Please note that while digits 0 through 8 share the decimal
    equivalents, I decided to leave 'ko' (deci. 10, looks similar to '9') glyph as
    its own character, since the decimal 9 may be rendered using a straight line
    looping at the topic, while the Tonal 'ko' must always be rendered as a
    flipped 'by' (6). For compatibility purposes, software may still choose to
    interpret a '9' in a Tonal number as 'ko'.

    Proposed this an-th (1th) day of Anuary (1), in the year of Our Lord rasan,
    laton, hu (7):

    Some fonts (including Luxi Sans and Console) with the proposed glyphs added:

    Draft keyboard map for a Tonal user:

    Educational materials (primarily for young children, NOT someone familiar with
    decimal) using this proposed encoding can be found in the tree at:

    Comments and constructive criticism welcomed.



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