Re: Encoding the graphemes of the SignWriting Script with the x-ISWA-2010

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Date: Thu Jan 06 2011 - 00:51:25 CST

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    On Tuesday 4 January 2011, Doug Ewell, in a post now archived as follows,

    > Of possible interest to this list...
    Thank you for providing the links. This is very interesting.
    I refer to the pdf document.
    On page 23 is the following, which appears after some text about a proposal for encoding some items in plane 1 of Unicode.
    5.2. Interchange
    When using Unicode for interchange, plane 15 is used. This second
    shift results in a character range from U+FD800 to U+FE277. The
    range is larger due to the additional Binary SignWriting characters.
    (Appendix B).
    end quote
    What is the status of the proposal to encode in plane 1 please?
    For example, is it on the agenda for the meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee that is due to take place in February 2011?
    William Overington
    6 January 2011

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