Comments on TR 46 database idna compatibility mappings inconsistency

From: CE Whitehead (
Date: Sat Jan 08 2011 - 12:43:28 CST

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    Hi, I've just briefly glanced at the tr46 data at
    (and have yet to go through the current version of tr46);
    however I noticed an inconsistency in the database mapping
    (also apologies as this is basically a duplicate of feedback I just sent to unicode but I thought maybe someone on the list might know something about kashmiri so I am sending it to the list too).

    First there is:
    U 065F (kashmiri) ; valid # 6.0 ARABIC WAVY HAMZA BELOW

    Then there is:
    U 0673 (also Kashmiri)
    which can of course it seems be mapped to O627 + 065F (sorry to say "it seems;" I know Arabic some no kashmiri so feedback is appreciated) -- so why are both U 0673 and U 065F valid???

    I realize of course that you cannot map:
    U 0672 (likewise kashmiri) as there is no corresponding wavy hamza above here (it may be in the supplements -- but I could not find it so I don't think so).
    So one option would be to make U 065F invalid -- probably the best bet with no wavy hamza above encodced (that I can find) but perhaps it is necessary to display the wavy hamza below U 065F alone (but why? -- it is not necessary to display the wavy hamza above alone it seems -- but like I said I do not know kashmiri).

    Or if there is a wavy hamza above encoded somewhere/some way then map U 0672 and U 0673 . . .
    (I note that 0675 - 0678 are mapped to another character plus 0674 so the above should perhaps be mapped . . . for consistency . . .)

    --C. E. Whitehead

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