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Date: Thu Jan 13 2011 - 09:03:03 CST

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    Grant Allen <> wrote: > Will square bullets be added to Unicode? Square bullets from word documents cannot be read by PDF readers because there are not included in Unicode. Can a Word document be read by a pdf reader at all? So, is the situation that Word been used to produce a pdf and then when the pdf is viewed in a pdf reader, that no square bullets are displayed by the pdf reader? The version of Word that I have is Word 97, which is a version from the last century that does not export to pdf, so I cannot try a test myself. Johannes Rössel <> wrote: > ..., a glyph from WingDings for the smaller black square – I opened the Wingdings font in FontCreator 5.6 and found three black squares, with postscript names and mappings as follows. postscript name square2 Macintosh Roman mapping $00A0 DAGGER Microsoft Symbol mapping $F0A0 postscript name square4 Macintosh Roman mapping $00A7 LATIN SMALL LETTER SHARP S Microsoft Symbol mapping $F0A7 postscript name square6 Macintosh Roman mapping $006E LATIN SMALL LETTER N Microsoft Symbol mapping $F06E I tried using the Windings font within the Serif PagePlus program (I used version X3, which is not the latest version) and produced a pdf satisfactorily. However, copying from the pdf and pasting to WordPad lost the displayed glyphs and others from ASCII were displayed, except for square2 for which no printing glyph was displayed. However I pasted from the pdf into SC UniPad and found a U+00A0 being used. U+00A0 NO-BREAK SPACE. Going back to WordPad and copying from WordPad to SC UniPad showed that WordPad was indeed displaying a no-break space. So, in relation to the original problem is there perhaps some interaction between Macintosh Roman mapping $00A0 DAGGER and U+00A0 NO-BREAK SPACE? William Overington 13 January 2011

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