RE: square bullets added to unicode.

From: Dreiheller, Albrecht (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2011 - 12:03:27 CST

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    Some PDF creating tools, such as "Acrobat 4.0 writer" cant handle fonts
    using the Symbol Codepage. In some cases, using "Acrobat Distiller" instead solves the problem.

    As far as I can see, when Word uses Wingding.ttf, it does not use Unicode Code Points as adressing space
    but rather the "Symbol Codepage".
    Of course, this is an anachronism. This is the reason why Wingding.ttf is limited to 255 or less
    characters, and additionally Wingdng2.ttf and Wingdng3.ttf was needed.
    Internally, Wingding.ttf seems to use Private Use Area codepoints such as U+F0A7 for Symbol 167.
    Thus, the symbols 32...255 are mapped to U+F020 ... U+F0FF.

    N.B. In Word, if you choose a Wingdings symbol from the Insert-->Symbol menu command,
    it will create "encapsulated" characters that are immune to reformatting (e.g. with "Arial").
    In earlier versions, these symbols were inserted using sequences like
    { SYMBOL 165 \f Wingdings }.
    To create a non-encapsulated Wingdings character, use the following steps:
    - In Word, enter a Private Use Area hex code like "F0A5", using any font like Arial
    - Position after the code and press ALT+C, converting the code to Unicode character being
      displayed as a "undefined character" box
    - Reformat the character using Wingdings


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