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Date: Fri Jan 14 2011 - 11:25:25 CST

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    Shriramana Sharma wrote:

    > Hello all. I just come from meeting a scholar of the Jaiminiya Sama
    > Veda. He has shown me printed Jaiminiya material in Devanagari and
    > Grantha where the svara markers in the form of syllables are placed
    > *below* the main line. Apparently it is the standard practice in
    > Grantha and also seen in Devanagari.

    Ruby, in any meaning of the word, is outside the realm of my expertise, but
    I can well imagine that Ruby-like annotations may be used that way. Whether
    they are called "Ruby" is mostly a matter of classification.

    > The Safari blog seems to indicate
    > that HTML5/CSS3 support placing Ruby text below.

    That's common practice in browsers that support Ruby markup - most
    prominently IE, which has supported it long ago, unlike Firefox, which
    apparently can't be bothered.

    > Any idea on the level
    > of support from word processing and/or publishing software (including
    > TeX)?

    As long as it is a matter of placement, I think it can be handled widely,
    though with explicit instructions, rather than base on the language or

    For example, using IE, the following CSS style sheet places Ruby annotations
    below the annotated text:
    rt { vertical-align: -3.5em; }
    (Why a large value like -3.5em? Well, IE uses a fairly small font for Ruby
    annotations, and the em unit is the element's own font size.)

    So this seems to be in the realm of software implementations and authoring
    practices rather than standards and specifications. Conceivably, though, if
    it is possible to establish rendering practices of Ruby-like texts for
    different languages, it might be possible to encourage software vendors to
    make such practices defaults for those languages.


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