Designer fonts are not the only fonts

From: Krishna Birth (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2011 - 16:27:48 CST

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    Designer fonts are not the only fonts. There are web services that allow
    internet users to turn personal handwriting into a font. Thus my post,
    "Font Website Usage Barriers and Monopoly" a few days ago has further need
    for implementation. There are some things holding member participation
    websites from utilising personal handwriting fonts. Webpage personalisation
    is a feature that has been put by various websites and having an easy
    personal handwriting font upload feature for example at internet forums,
    interactive websites, webmail, blogs, comments sections, review sections,
    personal pages and in other sites categories would allow expression via
    handwriting fonts. The arguments related to commercial licensing fonts and
    their technicalities are much less for personal handwriting fonts.




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