Re: square bullets added to unicode.

From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2011 - 07:13:29 CST

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    How is the mapping from the old (phone company) Emoji character
    encoding to the new official Unicode encoding handled? Couldn't
    something similar be done?

    A nasty (but probably effective) way of handling it would be to simply
    map the glyphs in an updated Wingdings font to both the PUA codepoint
    and an official codepoint.

    - C

    On 25/01/2011, Peter Constable <> wrote:

    > Various people have indicated at one time or another that they would work on
    > a proposal to encode wingdings, etc. But I haven't seen any such proposals
    > submitted yet.
    > Of course, if an when such symbols get encoded in Unicode, there will just
    > be a different problem to sort out: today, you can interchange text
    > meaningfully with someone else so long as the Wingdings (or Webdings, etc.
    > as appropriate) font is used. It doesn't work for plain text, but it
    > evidently works reasonably well with rich text (since the font formatting is
    > retained). But once in Unicode, data using the new character will not be
    > interchangeable with the large amount of legacy data out there.
    > Peter

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